Hello! My name is Giovanni Cortes, I’m a Software Developer based in Mexico City. Usually, I work with iOS (Swift and Objective C), Elixir and C#. I really enjoy creating apps and software and share my experiences writing in my blog.

In my spare time, I like to play Video games and also create them, I am learning MonoGame and in this blog, I will write about my learning path. I also like to read a lot about history and watch documentaries.

About this blog

One thing about this blog is to try to improve my English skills because my natural language is Spanish and I think that writing about my learnings and experience is one step forward in my goal.

I also created this blog to share experiences and to be able to teach about programming. To be honest, I’m not an expert programmer but it’s always good to share what you know and teach to those who want to learn.

Contacting me

If you want to chat or share your experiences about programming and this blog you can contact me at giovanni@giovannicortes.dev and in my twitter account @giovanni_cortes