Install SFML.Net on Windows is very easy using NetCore because we have a NuGet package that will facilitate the installation.

First, we need to create a netcore project on Windows

Now, we need to install the NuGet package

Now, we have all the libraries and packages to start with SFML.

Now, we’re going to use Visual Studio Code, because is available for all three big OS (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and is very easy to run projects and has an excellent autocompletion.

So, we’re going to open the project with Code

VSC is going to ask  you to add configuration files for debugging, just say Yes

With all this in their place, we’re going to write a simple C# program to test if we have installed SFML.Net correctly

Now, run your project Pressing F5, and you must watch a beautiful blue screen (with no dead)