Before we start creating our project, it is necessary to design our video game to know what we are going to do.

A simple shooter

We are going to build a shooter. I think that this genre is ideal to learn the basics of MonoGame and also have a game that we can show. By creating this shooter we will be able to create a complete game and from there learn more about MonoGame.

Game Design

Our shooter will have the following characteristics

  • The player will be a ship
  • The player can move on the screen from right to left only
  • The player will have three lives.
  • There will be a scoring system
  • There will be three types of enemies
  • Each enemy will have a different life and will give different points
  • When the player is hit by an enemy projectile or is touched, he will lose a life
  • There will be a Top screen
  • There will be a start screen, where you can choose between starting a new game or see the Top

The game will be infinite until the player loses all three lives
With this basis, we can start if something else happens to us on the way we can increase our game.


For our game, we are going to use public assets. In particular, we will use this

You can donate if you wish, but you can also download it for free. As you will notice, much of our game design comes from this asset, that way we can limit ourselves to having mechanics and art.

If you notice, the assets that are downloaded are small in my opinion. So I edited them a bit and doubled their size if you want the new assets with the new size you can download it here

I recommend this download since it contains a new sprite of the player that we are going to use, but if not, you can edit the original assets.


With the design of our game and with art, we can start to program our video game. From now on we are going to get in full with MonoGame to learn.