So you want to create games with MonoGame? You are in the right place. Like you, I’m also an aspiring video game developer! But before we start, let’s get to know a bit about MonoGame.

What is MonoGame?

In 2006, Microsoft released XNA, which was a series of tools and libraries to make video games that could run on Windows, Windows Phone and especially, Xbox 360.

XNA was an incredible tool that made possible the first boom of independent games on consoles and Microsoft did a good job in supporting this tool.

But there was something that was missing from XNA and was that it could only work on Windows or Xbox 360 so there was no real cross-platform, for example, it could not run on macOS or Linux or on iOS or Android.

This is where MonoGame comes in. MonoGame is an Open Source port of XNA. It is not supported by Microsoft, but by a community of programmers who wanted XNA to be available on other platforms, thanks to Mono.NET, which is a port of the .NET platform.

Currently, XNA no longer has support from Microsoft, which leaves us with MonoGame as a current alternative and with official support for

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation Vita
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • tvOS

Up to this point, we can make the following considerations

  • MonoGame is very similar to XNA, so if you find an XNA tutorial, it will almost certainly work 100% on MonoGame
  • MonoGame is compatible with XNA, but since MonoGame is in development, the new versions can bring things that XNA did not have

Some games made with MonoGame

Here I show you a couple of videos where you can see and know some of the games made with MonoGame.


What should I know?

One of the most complicated things to recommend is where to start. I know that sometimes it is difficult to want to program games without knowing how to program, so it is advisable before starting these tutorials to have basic knowledge of programming.

In my tutorials, I will try to explain the programming concepts that we are seeing, but I can not explain everything without it becoming a bit tedious.

Also, some math is necessary because in video games it is used, but being 2D tutorials we will only use the basics of algebra and geometry since MonoGame helps us in making calculations and is easier.

I do not expect you to know about video game programming; After all, if you knew, you would not be in this basic MonoGame tutorial. We are going to start from the basics as it is also a learning path for me.

Final words

I hope these tutorials really help you along the way of making games and have fun doing it.

If there’s anything I can help you with, let me know and we’ll talk; In particular, feel free to leave comments in the tutorials or make suggestions for new tutorials