Before starting MonoGame, is necessary to install some tools that will help us create our video game. Fortunately, they are all free!

In particular, we need two tools

  • Visual Studio
  • MonoGame

Install Visual Studio

The first thing we should install is Visual Studio. Visual Studio is an IDE that is made by Microsoft and allows us to write C# code (and other languages).

There are two versions of Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Windows and Visual Studio for Mac, in addition, each version comes in three different options: Community, Professional and Enterprise.

The version we are going to use is the Community because is free and serves us for our purposes. It is not necessary to spend money on other versions if we are not going to take advantage of it and to learn, with Community we have more than enough.

Download Visual Studio

To download Visual Studio, we must go to and choose Visual Studio IDE. There is another tool called Visual Studio Code but for now, we will not use it since we would apply other steps to configure it.

Choose the Community version of your Operating System

Once downloaded, double click and follow the instructions to install it. It is usually Next, Next.

Install MonoGame

Once we have Visual Studio installed, is necessary to install MonoGame. The current version of MonoGame when I’m writing this (February 08, 2019) is 3.7.1, but if necessary, download the most current version.

To download MonoGame go to follow the link of the most current version. Download the MonoGame for your operating system.

MonoGame in Linux

Since MonoGame is cross-platform, you can also program video games in Linux. In Linux, there is no Visual Studio, but the closest thing is MonoDevelop, which is the IDE from which Visual Studio for Mac was derived, so you will find many similarities and you can follow the tutorials more easily.

Download MonoDevelop

To download MonoDevelop you must go to the following address and follow the instructions for your distribution.

Installing MonoGame on Linux

Simply download and run the installer

The installer will automatically check and notify you if there is any dependency that is missing.


At this point, you will have everything you need to start making games with MonoGame.

If you have some issue installing MonoGame, I strongly recommend go to MonoGame official forums and search or open a request.